Virginia was out to conquer new markets for Virginia businesses.

The Virginia Economic Development Partnership, whose mission is to attract business to the state, has an International Trade Division with a mission that’s completely different: to help Virginia companies sell their goods and services overseas. The Division was created to explore potential new markets, develop market entry strategies, and locate distributors and representatives—all at little to no cost to Virginia businesses.

And to pursue its separate mission, the Division needed a brand identity all its own—one with an international flair. One we were honored to help develop.

A brand that can compete.

For inspiration, we studied branding for the Olympics, international tourism and international economic development. We also had a strategic idea:  Tie the brand to the state’s iconic slogan, Virginia is for lovers.

What developed is a brand that positions the Division as a real player in international trade. With the line “Virginia Loves Exports,” the brand allowed us to make a compelling case for Virginia businesses to export and for overseas markets to embrace. Among the produced materials:  an overview booklet, program summaries, newsletter and email templates, an annual report, a calendar, and a supplement in Virginia Business magazine.

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A 54% increase in international trade.

That was the average increase for businesses that participated in the program.

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