• Lee Wall Lee Wall

    Man of Vision. Voice of Reason.

    Lee Wall

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    Lee is one of those rare creative people who are driven by results. The best ones always are. He has worked with agencies as large as McCann-Erickson, clients as big as Disney and Coke, organizations as promising as Health Diagnostic Laboratory, Inc., and with professionals as renowned as Dave Martin, certified advertising guru and founder of The Martin Agency. What he learned from all this experience is that the old advertising maxim still holds true: It’s not creative unless it sells. That’s why he created Raison.

  • Aaron Brenner Aaron Brenner

    Chief Ambassador

    Aaron Brenner

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    After a sabbatical working afield, learning the language of complex web projects, Aaron is back on home turf with an expanded knowledge base. Upon his repatriation, Aaron was elected Chief Ambassador of Raison. Aaron's background in urban planning prepared him well for this office. He is a meticulous planner, keeping Raison on point and devising more efficient solutions for our clients' challenges.

  • Ashley Young Ashley Young

    Organized Creative

    Ashley Young

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    “Organized creative” is not an oxymoron. Ashley earned a BA in Studio Art from the University of Richmond, with a minor in Business Administration. She also holds a BFA in Graphic Design from the Savannah College of Art and Design. She’s smart, talented and knows how to prioritize. Her clients come first—she actually listens to what they want—her dogs come second, and way on down the list is her ego.

  • Michael Bodnar Michael Bodnar

    Content Acrobat

    Michael Bodnar

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    Michael is a triple-threat with professional experience as a writer, photographer, and website developer. He juggles image, word, and plug-in with a nimble ease that comes from practice. Michael is a ringmaster when it comes to managing projects— keeping schedules tamed, assets organized, and the lines of communication efficient—all with a concierge-like attitude that serves clients well, even when they are occasionally a bit wild.

  • Amanda Zack Amanda Zack

    Digital Ninja

    Amanda Zack

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    Amanda is Raison’s digital marketing ninja. She navigates the online labyrinth with covert ease to provide Raison clients’ with data intel, then creates digital ad and social plans designed to reach customers where they live (with their eyes peeled on their phone). Amanda’s PR style is notable for the day-to-day touches that build relationships. A true digitalista, Amanda writes with a refreshing voice—light, clean, and always on-trend.

  • Stephanie Clark Stephanie Clark


    Stephanie Clark

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    Stephanie holds a Masters of Fine Arts in Design & Visual Communications from Virginia Commonwealth University and her favorite type foundry is the Amsterdam based collective, Underware. That sounds uber hoity-toity. But Stephanie actually is a down-to-earth "maker"—clever with artisanal tools such as the paper sheet and the pencil, as well as today's pixel and cloud.