This great law firm had a bad rap.

Allen & Allen is the largest personal injury law firm in Central Virginia. As such, they are often seen as “ambulance chasers,” a characterization these men and women in no way deserve.

In talking to Allen & Allen’s attorneys, we were impressed by how much they care about their clients and their clients’ families. We believed it was time to portray them in a different light.

A TV campaign that set the record straight.

Using high production values and skillful art direction, we created a series of TV spots that clearly separated Allen & Allen from the pack of regional personal injury law firms. Written from the client perspective, the spots portrayed Allen & Allen attorneys as what they really are:  defenders, champions, protectors and leaders.

The phone started ringing.

The campaign not only increased the number of phone calls to Allen & Allen, it spawned a new series of spots focused on how personal injury affects families. These spots strengthened Allen & Allen’s position as the personal injury law firm that truly understands.