An effective solution for an oft-forgotten product.

Indoor air pollution has become an increasingly significant health threat, with indoor air quality being 7 times worse (and in some cases, 100 times worse). Canopy’s research team found that 58% of people did not change their air filters regularly (or at all), contributing to the decreased air quality in most homes around the country. Air filters are usually out-of-sight, meaning they also tend to be out-of-mind.
With this in mind, Canopy launched a subscription service for home air filters so consumers could receive fresh air filters like clockwork, reminding them that it’s time to change their filter and keep their indoor air clean.

Building a brand from the ground up.

As a new startup, Canopy lacked a brand identity. We started our partnership off by creating a brand and developing guidelines for their internal team to adhere to, including a logo, color palette, typography styles, preferred verbiage and tone of voice, and animal characters to fit into their rainforest theme.
Beyond branding basics, we worked closely with the Canopy marketing team to devise a full content marketing plan that included everything from paid advertising and organic social content to blog development and strategic promotion. Together, this turnkey approach because a multi-directional marketing campaign that took Canopy from startup to success.

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A company that’s here to stay.

Canopy’s sales consistently increased as our marketing plan was in place, and we particularly saw success in the social sphere. Canopy’s social presence surged and formed an engaging online community with customers, which resulted in increased customer loyalty as well as a rise in referrals (and subsequent sales).