A software app for an audience reluctant to use one.

Current is a software app from a start-up company that contractors can use to provide prompt, professional-looking estimates at the job site. The app is easy to use, saves time, and gives the contractor a leg up on the competition. Raison was asked to convince potential customers – electricians, plumbers, roofers, etc. – that the software was more than worth its cost and to overcome their fear of using something new.

A brand as simple and engaging as the product itself.

First we interviewed the software designers to became thoroughly immersed in the product, to understand the challenges of the marketing assignment, and to design a sales cycle that the client could execute.

Then we created a brand that accurately mirrored the simplicity of the app. Copy was served up in bite-size pieces, icons were used to clarify content, and videos were short and easy to understand. To deliver the brand, we devised a launch strategy, a social media plan and an email engagement system.

A product with a chance to prove itself.

As more early adopters try Current and like it, more contractors will get on board.