A vision for a medical “Uber.”

Up to 70% of medical decisions are based on lab work, but 50% of blood draws never happen due to poor scheduling processes and missed appointments. Doctors end up working at a disadvantage and countless patients receive lower quality medical care as a result. But a group of medical professionals and technologists felt that they could connect the system with mobile technology and on-demand medical services. The idea of an “Uber” for blood draws was a win for doctors, patients, labs, and phlebotomists. But all they had was a great idea—what they needed was venture capital.

Building a brand that sold the vision.

They came to us with only a vision for their organization, and we helped them create an identity from scratch that made their concept come alive. We started with a name, exploring the goals of brand naming—description, expressing brand attributes, and tone—arriving at “Iggbo”, a mythological being of blood. Like Hulu, it sounds like just a catchy name that actually has a direct correlation to the business. But it’s completely unique—not in use anywhere on the web—and is flexible enough to be expanded into completely different markets. Next, we created an entire brand platform for Iggbo, from logos, brand colors, and typography to photography styles, infographics, and copy tone and phrasing. Then we applied those standards to a range of starter promotional materials, including print collateral, website mockups, and social media.

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Fundraising success and a booming nationwide business.

Iggbo hit the ground running and secured the funding needed to develop their sophisticated on-demand lab collections app and nationwide business apparatus. In only two short years, Iggbo has grown from a cool idea to an organization with serval successful rounds of venture capital fundraising and a thriving nationwide presence.

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