Building a Brand that Redefines a Product

Leading military scientists discovered that Shear Thickening Fluid (STF)—a unique substance that hovers between a liquid and solid—made kevlar body armor thinner, lighter and much stronger. The inventor of Ooblock, an engineer and avid volleyball player, saw an opportunity to protect athletes from sprains and injuries with the same STF technology. 

An Innovative Take on an Everyday Product

He created an STF-enhanced athletic tape that is supple and flexible in motion, but stiffens like a brace with impacts and twists. By every testing method and metric, his specialized tape offered superior protection without a tradeoff in mobility. But the patented technology he developed increased the cost of production, and he faced a challenge—how do you sell an athletic tape for three times the price that consumers expect? 

The Answer: Create a brand that shows the product is ten times better
Raison got involved on the ground floor. The first step was creating a brand name with impact and meaning. [big image of the logo]


Ooblock = Science + Sports

“Oobleck” is a name for STF you can make in your own backyard with cornstarch and water. “Blocking” is a part of nearly every sport where many injuries occur.  Raison created the name “Ooblock” by combining the two relevant concepts, resulting in a name with optimal search engine opportunity that’s also fun to say.

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A Brand Platform to Build On

We created a brand platform, a complete identity with a personality, a visual look, messages, values and vernacular to connect with athletes and trainers.


The Tools to Make a Statement

We brought the brand to life in multi-channel marketing—hitting every angle with an easy-to-update website, eye-catching packaging, flyers for different audience segments, and a promotional video scripted, sourced and directed by Rasion.

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