An excellent school vs. a failing economy.

St. Catherine’s School in Richmond, Virginia, is a recognized leader in educating girls to reach their full potential. And, as the only private JK-12 school for girls in the state, it is coveted by parents who want the best for their daughters.

Yet, with a down economy threatening private school enrollment in 2008, St. Catherine’s felt it was necessary to remind parents of the unparalleled value of an all-girls school education. Raison was delighted to help.

The simple facts.

Raison grabbed the attention of parents with a series of provocative two-sided magazine inserts. One side stated a derogatory cliché about girls. The other side debunked it with a hard-hitting positive fact about the girls at St. Catherine’s. Copy touted the benefits of an all-girl’s school education. A QR code let scanners register for an open house.

Full enrollment.

St. Catherine’s exceeded their admissions goals. The campaign also won a prestigious Beacon Award from the Association of Educational Publishers. In fact, St. Catherine’s was the only secondary school in the nation to win the award, beating tough competition from top universities and institutions like PBS.