A 21st century trade association had a 20th century logo.

The Virginia Biotechnology Association is the premier trade association representing the life sciences industry in Virginia. The association has been a tremendous advocate for its more than 200 members, successfully lobbying for tax credits and other incentives that have helped the industry thrive. What it needed was a graphic identity that represented its members just as effectively. We were honored to be given the challenge.

A logo as strong as the industry it represents.

First, we recommended the association shorten its name to Virginia Bio, a name that’s easier on the ears, eyes, tongue and memory. Then we tackled the logo.

The old mark featured a DNA helix. Since genetics is just one of the life sciences, this icon from the 1990’s was limiting as well as out of date. Virginia Bio needed a logo that defined it for the 21st century.

For inspiration, we turned to the “interactome,” a graph biotech scientists use to represent all the molecular interactions within a single cell.

From that came a logo that better depicts the hopes and promises of the life sciences in Virginia. One that says life, science, health and vitality. And one with an unlimited shelf life.

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A complete identity makeover.

Virginia Bio and its members were so pleased with the new mark, they asked us  to develop an entire identity system, including a related logo for the Virginia Bio Foundation.