Team Profile: Ashley Young

Ashley Young is Raison’s organized creative. Whether it be project management, design, web, or anything else—she’s got the timeline and the vision. Ashley has been our go-to planner, solver, and (sometimes) office mom for nearly 6 years!

Raison d’etre is some fancy French-ness. What’s your favorite fancy and French thing?

My favorite French thing would definitely have to be crepes. My favorite crepe is nutella and berries, I know Baker’s Crust has one. My favorite fancy thing is getting dressed up and going to fancy dinners.

What’s the weirdest task you’ve done for Raison?

When I first started working here we did a promotional holiday card to send to our clients. We visited a big client’s building downtown and we took a bunch of pictures there with pink phones and the whole point was we could be called anytime.

It was pretty weird but pretty fun. Holiday cards are fun because they’re more witty than the usual corporate work and you get to use cool things like glittery paper. I wish we got to do more of those!

We did a photoshoot for a client that makes random parts in medical devices, office supplies and other stuff and had to play with all their components to set them up for camera. That was pretty weird, modeling these products that you never realized existed, like pen nibs. And you’re trying to photograph them in an artful way. Michael used to do that for FG Clean Wipes  and he called himself a “wipe stylist.” Not something you’d think you’d do when you first start your career.

Part of working in this industry is doing stuff you never thought would be a part of your job description.

Recently, Aaron came back from a trip to Peru and gave us all coca candies. What did yours taste like to you?

I think it tasted like raisins.

How do you feel about the color pink?

I love it. I like that it can be girly but I feel it can be more versatile than that. It’s pretty and soft but can also be kind of powerful. It’s Raison’s only brand color—it’s very punchy and powerful, but it can be used in a soft sense as well.

Do you know how to yo-yo? How confident are you in this skill?

I remember playing with them when I was little and I learned a few tricks when I got it, but I probably haven’t done it in 20 years. Maybe longer. So I’d say my confidence level is…80%? I could probably go up and down.

What do your friends and family know you for?

I’m obsessed with dogs and sometimes I can be too nice. I hope clients know about the nice part, but I doubt they know about the dogs part.

Everyone at Raison wears lots of hats. And not the beret type. What’s your favorite hat? Figuratively and literally.

My head is small so lots of hats don’t fit me, but I’d have to say a snow hat with a pom pom on top, because it conforms to the shape of your head. I’d like to say baseball hats but they usually fall off my head.

My favorite hat figuratively… I’d say my favorite part is creating, designing, overseeing, managing brand standards. My passion is in the design work.

Thanks for answering our questions and extra thanks for always having the answers to our design dilemmas. If you want to work with a nice designer/project manager that always has the details in mind, you’ll want to head on over to the contact page.