Team Profile: Stephanie Clark

Stephanie is Raison’s design diva. With a Master of Fine Arts in Design from VCU, she’s our in-house expert on motion design and beyond. We only call her a diva because of her level of expertise—in reality, she’s a down-to-earth person who is always chatting the team up about which movie they need to watch next. She’s currently watching The Office for the first time, and we’re all very proud she’s finally getting around to watching that iconic piece of television.

What’s the weirdest task you’ve done with Raison?

The task that stands out for me was for Canopy. We were developing customer profiles and we wanted to use rainforest animals to fit certain profiles. The party guy was an orangutan and the proboscis monkey became the customer with bad allergies. When utilizing different voices or developing personas, you have to get an actual sound voice that matches the animals. So, for a week or so, I was looking at animal photos deciphering what they said.

I told friends, “Yeah, I made animal memes for a week.”

Everyone at Raison wears lots of hats. And not the beret type. What’s your favorite hat? Figuratively and literally.

I think my favorite hat is being a motion designer. Literally, my favorite hat is this kinda straw hat that’s a summer hat from Bygone’s. It has a single black ribbon and it’s very simple and summery.

What one thing about work that keeps you up at night?

I haven’t had that problem yet too much. If I’m on a project, before I go to sleep, I’ll think about it and ask myself “What am I doing tomorrow?” or, if I’m really excited, I feel like I think about it even when I’m sleeping.

Explain your dream client using only 3 words.

Collaborative, trusting, and creative.

Raison d’etre is some fancy French-ness. What’s your favorite fancy and French thing?

My favorite fancy thing are my Hue lightbulbs. I think it’s fancy that I don’t have to flip a switch; I can just talk to them.

My favorite French thing is this book, The Gardener of Versailles. It’s my favorite French thing because it was written by the gardener of Versailles and, when my mom visited Europe, she took it overseas and got the author to sign it. Best souvenir ever.

Recently, Aaron came back from a trip to Peru and gave us all coca candies. What did yours taste like to you?

It tasted earthy, like this muted but deep flavor. It tasted like sunrise hitting Peru.

How do you feel about the color pink?

It’s energizing to me. I’m not sure how I feel about the connotations of it being attached to a gender, but I’ve always felt rooted and energized from it. It’s also nice when it gets softer, it feels like a very human color — kind of like the warmth of human skin or community. Brands are so obsessed with greens and blues in their branding for earth colors, but now I think that could be a new attachment for it nowadays.

What overused industry buzzword do you hate the most? Why?

Pop. “Can we just make it pop?” “Just make the layout pop.” Ugh.

My other one is poke. I use the word ping rather than poke because I don’t like the metaphor of touching someone. ‘Poke’ is weirdly intimate. Let’s be real: It shouldn’t be called ‘poked,’ it should just be called ‘bother.’

Do you know how to jump rope? How confident are you in this skill?

I used to be so good at it when I was a kid. Especially double dutch or chase the fox. I think we should use our extra office space to hold an office olympics (like The Office) which should include jump roping!

Well, if we ever do get around to doing our very own office olympics, you know we’ll be posting that all over our social media! Follow us on Instagram in the meantime and see all the other cool stuff we get up to during the work week. You might even catch Stephanie making some monkey memes!